What it is

Peer reviews of open source software to help developers find the best libraries to use in their own projects.

How it works

Rating System

This is a general guide to how ratings should be applied to the 5 attributes we currently collect ratings for.

Description 1 Star 2 Stars 3 Stars 4 Stars 5 Stars
Usability Ease of use / Intuitiveness Usage is confusing and completely unintuitive Poor/no naming conventions, inconsistent interface. Getting the library to do what you want is a battle Average usability; not great but not terrible either Good naming conventions, sensible usage patterns. Easy to pick up Usage is intuitive and effortless; developers not familiar with the library quickly pick it up
Functionality Usefulness of the feature set Does not provide the advertised functionality Functional but missing many important features Decent core functionality but lacks advanced features of competitors Solid feature set but there is at least one known superior alternative Functionality is best in class
Stability Bug frequency and time to resolution. Contains numerous bugs that severely impact usability Contains one or more bugs moderately impacting usability Generally free of major bugs, but newly discovered issues tend to sit awhile before being addressed Consistently free of major bugs. Discovered issues are resolved in a reasonable time frame Extremely stable; consistently bug free. Issues are resolved immediately when detected
Performance Speed and memory efficiency Poor performance to the point of being unusable Consistently poor or erratic performance Mediocre performance; there are definitely better alternatives Very good performance but may not be best in class Great performance; outperforms competing libraries
Support Quality of documentations, availability of help forums, etc No documentation, sample source, Stack Overflow tag or help forums Some sample code / documentation availalable but may be outdated. Inactive or nonexistent forums or Stack Overflow Tag Decent sample code / documentation. May or may not have forums or Stack Overlflow tag Good documentation, mostly up to date and reliable info. Help forum or stack overflow tag available for advanced topics not fully covered in docs Comprehensive documentation containing virtually no errors and a help forum or stack overflow tag exists