Get Noticed

Codix accelerates adoption of the newest high quality open source software by linking it to better known libraries that offer similar functionality. Codix prioritizes quality over popularity so the better your peer reviews the more visibility you'll get.

Link your work

Once you're signed in your Github repositories will be visible in your profile page (accessed via your profile icon in the top bar) Clicking on one of your repos will take you to it's Codix page. Here you'll see the "Similar Repositories" section along with an "Add Link" option.

Linking a repo will cause it to appear in the "Similar Repositories" section of both the target repo and all of it's linked repos in turn.

Codix pages are optimized for SEO and appear prominently in Google searches. When your work is linked to more popular repos, your visibility increases with theirs. Please dont abuse this power! We evaluate every new link for relevance. Intentional linking to unrelated content for visibility will result in the link being deleted and possible account suspension.

Codix is 100% free to use.

Build Your Ratings

Maintaining a positive score on Codix is the key to succes. Sharing your codix pages with with friends, colleagues etc. who have used your software is a great way to begin.

You can also badge your website and/or Github pages. Badging is an effective and automatic way to get reviews on Codix and improves your conversion rate by increasing your visitor's confidence in your code.

After you've signed in, you'll see complete badging instructions at the bottom of each of your repository Codix pages and a complete list of your repository Codix pages on your profile page.